How to exchange electronic money more safely?

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Exchange has always been and remains the basis of market relations. At first it was a direct exchange of goods, and then it was replaced by non-ferrous metals and jewelry. In turn they were replaced by paper money (This stage of development generated a large number of national currencies and need to exchange them emerged as self-evident). At this moment, progress has reached the point that people exchange electronic money and currency.

However, in parallel with the development of technology and exchange devices, techniques of deception and fraud were developing. And if before it was not a very serious problem to catch a fraudster since as a rule exchange operations were carried out in the offices, and a client, if necessary could simply catch hold of an unfair moneychanger, then bring him to the local police, now, in the era of electronic payments and Internet, it is not an easy task to make it.

Naturally, the best solution of the problem of fraud is to deal with those changers who were recommended to you by friends, those who have the sufficient experience in this field and the appropriate reputation.

But what about the Internet? In fact, in the Internet there are several hundred sites dealing with exchange operations, the absolute majority of which your friends have never heard of, and the recommendation is unlikely to be given.

Yes! It is not an easy task. However, we will give you some recommendations on how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

So, there are two paths: a long one and a short one. We will begin from the long path.

Suppose, you need to exchange WMZ to PayPal EUR , or PayPal USD to AlertPay USD – it does not matter. And of course the first thing you do is enter a search engine and type in a query direction of your exchange. In accordance with your request, the search engine gives you a lot of exchange offices. Of course you open the first one, appeared in search results. And here is a problem: to use the service or to find another one.

For making the right decision, please pay attention to the following:

1) Design of the exchange office must be made professionally.

Exchange business is sufficiently profitable, that’s why reliable exchangers have high-qualitative, ergonomic design. If you don’t see that on the site, you can safely shut it down and look for further.

2) Try to enter into a search engine a query with the name of the exchange office and a postscript “reviews” or “feedbacks”.

For sure check out how this exchange office is reviewed in the network. If the different sites present many negative reviews – we do not recommend you to work with this exchange office.

3) Pay attention to whether there are contact data of the exchange office on the website.

In that case, if your site has not even any contact data, more likely we can tell you that it’s a scam. If the data are present, for the sake of authenticity, contact with the exchange office administration or operator via them and verify their reality.

If your check does not reveal anything “criminal”, you can safely use the services of this exchange office. The probability that it is reliable is 99%.

As you can see, self-check is a rather long process that can take several minutes to several hours. Now, we’ll show you another way – a short one.

And here we have good news for you: You can save a lot of time and effort, if you seek a reliable exchange office not through search engines, but in monitoring of exchangers

To accomplish the above tasks, you simply enter the, choose the direction of the exchange and click on “Find best rate”. And that’s all! You get not one, but a list of trusted exchangers (they have already thoroughly checked by the service administration), sorted in descending order of rate profitability, which make an exchange in chosen direction. This operation takes a few seconds, and you cope with the task successfully.

As you can see, there are always some safe ways of solving problems connected with exchange operations. Which one to choose – it’s up to you. Our only business was to note them.

Thank you for your attention. Profitable exchanges to you!

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How to exchange electronic money more safely?

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This article was published on 2010/10/31